Basic Airsoft Fire and Manuever 3

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 Basic Airsoft Fire and Manuever 3

+Slicing the Pie+

This is the bread and butter of Close Quarter Combat. Never seek to close more than ten feet on your enemy if you can at all help it, because the closer he is, the less he has to aim and the less time you get to make a move.

Start the slice by getting back from your cover and walking an arc, with him at the center. Keep your barrel locked on him and any possible sides of his cover that he could shoot at you from. The second you have a line of sight on him he will be in your sights and you can shoot him before he reacts.

Keep in mind though, that while you are focusing on him, you may be shot by someone else you didn’t see.

+The Drop+

If you get your barrel on him first, you will most likely get him, or at least prevent him from getting you. This is a much more important factor than how good your gear is or how hard your gun shoots.

The drop is everything.

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