Airsoft Safety 101

For all of your airsoft safety you can visit one of ourstores in to Airsoft GI in Walnut, CA or GI Tactical in Richmond, VA for all ofyour needs for gear, guns, protective eyewear, chest rigs, gloves, etc. You cancheck out all of our Airsoft Safety videos on Youtube or

Airsoft games can be fun and safe. When used under the correct conditions, Airsoft weapons can enhance military and police training as well as develop an understanding and respect for firearms with youth and adults alike. When used normally, Airsoft guns are not lethal. The plastic pellets that are shot from the weapons are too slow to enter the body and penetrate internal organs. Although, Airsoft guns can injure a person, so taking the proper safety precautions and treating them with the same respect anyone would treat a real weapon is essential.

1.   Protective Gear

Airsoft pellets may not typically penetrate the skin, but the possibility is always there. Other factors also need to be taken into consideration such as the environment/field the game is being played. The most critical piece of protective gear a player must have is airsoft goggles or safety glasses. A pellet traveling as slow as 150 feet per second (fps) cannot be seen by the naked eye yet can cause a lot damage and even blindness when the eye is hit. Companies have developed facemasks that incorporate goggles to protect the entire face from pellets. In addition to face protection, consider wearing other protective clothing such as a Battle Dress Uniform (BDU), personal armor and padding.

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