Airsoft Game Types 3

 For all of your airsoft needs go to the largest supplier and the ONLY one on the West and East Coasts AirsoftGI. They have two huge locations Airsoft GI in Walnut, CA and GI Tactical in Richmond, VA or go online to 

Airsoft Game Types 3

The best and largest retailer for all of your airsoft needs is Airsoft GI (located at two locations Walnut, CA and Richmond, VA), or visit us online at

What type of airsoft game do you want to play?

Airsoft Tactics

You can shoot airsoft guns at targets or you can get out there on the field and play airsoft games with others. Once you have some skills shooting, you will want to become knowledgeable about airsoft tactics to be able to a valued player out on the field.

Recommended Items for Games

This list of 19 recommended items/gear that a player should bring to an airsoft game should be of great help to new players. It will give you a nice quick reference.

Hand Signals

Airsoft players need to commonly use hand signals to communicate with their group. These 7 Airsoft Hand Signals are simple hand motion to command orders and concepts without allowing the enemy to hear the instructions.

Airsoft Cheating

Have you ever be in an airsoft game with another player cheating? We all know a cheating player can ruin the excitement of the game, causing you to be discourage and wanting to quite. We wrote this article on airsoft cheating to help you be able to prevent these cheating players from get away with it and influencing your game experience.

Airsoft Fields

When you think of the word, field, you may think of wildflowers blooming or farm animals grazing. Add the word, airsoft gun, and there will be a completely different image that will pop up.

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